Garmin EDGE – best cycling computers on market?

garmin edge

Garmin is a producer of a wide range of Navi devices. Product range consists of both devices for industrial use – surveying, sea navigation or airplane, as well as the most interesting to us – products designed for use on a bicycle. Quick look at Garmin website shows us how wide is their product range and how many options we – bicycle enthusiasts – have if it comes to choosing a navi device for our bike.
You may find in it, amongo ther devices relatively cheap bike navi – i.e.  entry-level Garmin Edge 100 for just a little more than 100 euros, and far more advanced devices – EDGE 520, aswell as Some of top-end models – EDGE 1000 equiped with really long list of useful functions.
In most cases with higher price the amount of integrated functions is becoming more and more lengthy – for basic models, Garmin shows only the most elementary parameters, for example speed, trip distance, and altitude, but more sophisticated devices can do much more. What every device has in common is datalogging function – every Garmin device may work as datalogger.
In most expensive Garmin models, we truly can talk about a true on-board computers: for example Garmin EDGE 1000 which can connect via ANT+ technology with really broad range of periperthials: heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, and also … with a Shimano DI2 shifters most of modern power meters.
Unfortunately for all the “stuff” we must pay awfully lot – EDGE 1000 price on Irish market was set to over 550 Euro, but fortunately you can find some discount offers – i.e. CycleSuperStore has EDGE 1000 listed with price tag not exceeding 500 euro.

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